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Help Troubleshoot 06 Ex-l sliding door problem

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Hi Everyone,
I haven't found my exact problem anywhere after doing numerous searches.

Today, on my 06 ody, the driver's side sliding door would close about 3/4 of the way and then stop and return to the fully open position (Just like when something is in the way). Initially I thought something might be caught in the track so cleaned it off and tried to remove any grit from the area (Ontario winters bring plenty of grit)

Long story short, the door still wouldn't completely close. It would always get about 3/4 of the way through the process and stop.

What compounds this problem is that the door seems to be stuck in automatic mode. If I turn off the automatic doors, I cannot close the door manually no matter how hard I pull/push/yank on the door. I don't have any of these problems on the passenger side door.

I was stuck in a parking lock with two kids in car seats and the damn door wouldn't close manually or automatically!

At the 3/4 mark just before the door reverses to the open position, the sliding of the door appears to get somewhat jerky? Could this be a contributing factor?

Finally I tricked the door. I turned the automatic door button to the off position just before the point where the door would reverse. The door stopped. I then turned the button back to automatic on position and the door id close the rest of the way. It seems to indicate the the jerkiness mentioned above may be the problem. Note that manual would still not work when the door was in this position.

Is there a fix/repair for this that I can undertake myself before I take this in to the dealer?

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It might be the rollers. There is a big roller replacement thread if you are a DIY type person. Check it out.
It might be the rollers. There is a big roller replacement thread if you are a DIY type person. Check it out.
If it was the rollers would that explain why the door will not even work in manual? I wouldn't be so anxious at this time if the door still worked in manual mode, but it acts like it is locked in place.
Keeping in mind there are several rollers, could it be some little stone or something that
got on to the track, yet not easily visible?
Hi All,
Problem solved. The problem was not with either of the tracks on the inside of the door, but the track/hinge that slides through the mid-body of the car. There was a fair bit of gunk caught in there, cleaned it out and used some lithium grease on the door. Working much better now.

I am not sure if any of that explains why the door would not work in manual operation (remember the passenger side still worked in manual).

The driver's side door now works in both modes.

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