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Help With Trailer Hitch

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Hail to the fort !! My Bud, I am helping, has a used trailer hitch for his 2001 Ody. The hitch was taken off agressively and bent. In order to get it straitenend we are going to have to heat it and apply some serious leverage. What we are looking for is a reasonable measurement for the distance side to side for each of the holes. If somebody out there has a hitch lying around and can give some rough measurements it would really help. Thanks for sharing.


I have a Honda Pilot and spend a lot of time over at piloteers.... best regards
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You can buy a new one on EBay for less then $200 including wiring harness/adapter.

My two cents worth... having spent most of my life getting freebies, was that by the time I fixed it/modified it, I could have bought a new item and saved my time, bloody knuckles, and usually money.
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