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2001 Odyssey EX -149K miles

OK I cleaned the ERG port of carbon build up as per instruction on this site and the youtube video. I also replaced the EGR valve for good measure while I was at it.

My van still hesitates. I noticed that it does with the first 100 yards (meters) or so from a cold start. Both in the morning when leaving the driveway or when coming back from lunch. I took it to my mechanic and they were able to replicate the problem when they took it for a test drive (left it over night at their site). However no codes were thrown, no light on the dash, no nothing. He ran the diag on the engine and tranny and it all checks out fine. to save money he said to just drive it and see if will throw a code or something or if I can figure out what I do to cause it.

I noticed this morning, it did not hesitate at all. Since it cooled off a lot in the past few days, the A/C is turned off. My wife made a comment a while back, that it only hesitates with the A/C on. Oh course I dismissed that. Boy I think she is on to something. Yum yum this is good CROW.

Could it be a voltage/amperage drop with the a/c on that causes the PCM/computer to freak out?

Any ideas??
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