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Hi to everyone...:)

I just purchased my second Odyssey, and will be picking it up on Monday. It's a '07, Black on Black leather Touring, with 75000km's. The first one I owned was a grey 2000 EX. We sold our first Odyssey when I opened up my Hardwood Flooring company in late October of 2011, but shortly after found out that the wife was pregnant with our third child, so we decided to trade in our '02 Lexus ES300 for another Odyssey. I think we did pretty good on the deal, got it for $23,000+tax, with only 75000km, and it's in absolutely mint condition. My wife will be using it 90% of the time, and she only puts on about 15km/day, so even when we decided to get something else down the road, it will still have very few Km's.

I am very exited, and can't wait for Monday to come!! Bought it yesterday, and fell in love with it the moment we saw many new toys to play with...

Does anyone have any tips, advice, for an exited new owner?
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