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HID Auxiliary Lights

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In Nov. 2001 issue of Car and Driver, a long-term test Mazda MPV had Xenarc HID X1010 Auxiliary Low Beam auxiliary lights installed for about $547.
By looking at the projection pattern, this light kit is basically a brighter low beam headlights with wider projection.
This may present a good alternative to factory fog lights since there is a gap between high beam and fog light projection (with Chuck's mod).
That leaves two questions:
1) Is extra $241 ($547-$306) worth it?
2) Is there room for the deeper housing?
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hey, lelandstanford (u went to stanford?), can u post pics of that too? I am also debating whether I should get the factory fog light (looks more fit to the vehicle) or I should go for the HID fog / driving lights? and yes, those HID lights go for 500 bucks, I personally think they're worth it. just don't know if we'll get pulled over though.
As a long-time light nut, I found this very interesting. A visit to the Sylvania web site, however, has me unconvinced that these would be street-legal on an Odyssey. The Odyssey fitment requires that an auxiliary light be fitted down where a fog light would normally be, and that the aux light be illuminated basically all the time. So the vehicle would essentially be driven around with 4 low beam lights. While I know it is quite common to see vehicles with headlights and fog lights in use at night (and not in fog) I suspect that is illegal in many or some states.
On the other hand, what a terrific product if you have an older (sealed-beam) vehicle or a Ford/Chevy pickup/SUV!
Hi ya folks,

I've been waiting for such a product. This sounds promising.

Anyone thinking of being a Pioneer?


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I don't really buy those 'super white bulbs / xenon gas inside bulbs' ... I think there's not much of a difference except the color part, most may even be dimmer than stock lights. If u have the money, go get the real HID. Too bad that Ody are equiped w/ a single bulb headlight, which means the same buld will be used for both low and high beam. So if we change to a xenon HID system, we'll lose high beam... :-(
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