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Any experiences with the Hidden Hitch? Seeing prices for HH around $105.00 plus shipping.
It seems this has to be cheaper than the $425 for the Honda package. I would buy either a Honda or aftermarket Tran and P/S cooler.

Is the HH easy to install?

Also the Honda Tran and P/S coolers look like they just added fins to increase cooling the existing stock coolers. True or ??

I have xero experience with hitches and towing but I am a mechanical a genius. (Kidding slightly, I used to rebuild Volkswagon engines before I swore them off. Who wants to crall under them every 3000 miles to adjust valves?)
Thanks in advance for the help.

02 RR LX (Contemplating mods.. Bug shield, window drip guards, satellite radio system)
96 Accord
87 Nissan P/U

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I personally like the Hidden Hitch better than the Honda, because you do not have to cut up the bottom of your bumper.

But you have 02 and I would recommend you install both of the Honda coolers to make sure you do not void your 3yr 36000 mile warranty. If you could buy the coolers separately, the $425 for the entire Honda package looks pretty good. The ATF cooler for 00 is $165 by itself. Also I think the Honda package includes everything including a ball.

The hidden hitch route on a 2000 costs are around
Hidden hitch $150
Wiring $ 30
Rec drop/rise $ 45
Ball $ 10
ATF cooler $165
TOTAL $400

You may find some of the info I have written to others useful at:

There are also many threads on the topic on this site also.

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