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High highway rpms

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Hi, I have an '02 85000 miles. The rpms at 75-80 mph are about 3000. Too high. It will sometimes dip down to just above 2000 where I want it. On a long stretch of highway at about 75 mph, I shifted into neutral, turned off the ignition (wife was really confused at this point), restarted the motor, revved up to about 2500 rpm and shifted it back into drive and it went back to about 2100-2200 rpms. Is this a torque converter issue or am I looking at something a bit bigger? Honda put a new tranny in at 54000 miles. Any advice or a link to a different thread would be appreciated.
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I think the 3,000 RPM @ 80 MPH is the PCM wrongly selecting 4th gear. One possible cause might be a faulty TPS (throttle position sensor). I don't think this is a transmission or TC malfunction, although it is an unusual problem so anything is possible.
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