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As my salesman and I talked, I came to a conclusion about Honda Care.

If I were buying a Chrysler product, for sure I'd take the longest extended warranty that anybody offered. I'd simply consider it a cost of owning the car.

But I'm not buying a ChryCo product. I'm buying a Honda, spending a bit more money (as near as I can tell, apples to apples) and buying it from a dealer I know intimately, a dealer who has a history of taking very good care of me.

And needless to say, Honda has also taken very, very good care of me in the past.

So I've already done everything I can, and spent all the necessary money, to ensure that the truly unexpected will be taken care of. I've given my business to and spent my money with the two entities who have shown that they'll take care of me.

That's my story of why I'm putting off any Honda Care purchases.

I'll see what happens down the road, as we hit 3 yr/36,000 miles. If this seems like a fragile thing, with pieces breaking and whatnot, I'll definitely reconsider.
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