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Hi DVPATEL, Thanks for your response.

Also when selling the used van, the dealer salesman (liar !!) told me this "certified" gives me bumper-to-bumper warranty. The cust service rep clarified that is not the case. Battery is not covered under this "certified" used car contract. And typically I read later on the odyclub forums that the battery life for the orig battery is 3 years. Since its a 2008 van, I guess it was just the right time :nothappy:
I would press for it to be replaced. I also purchased a 2008 Odyssey (Certified) and it indeed comes with a 12 month 12k mile bumper to bumper warranty from the used purchase date/mileage. After that period the vehicle is covered for 100k (power train only) from the original new car sale date. The certification requires that the dealer fix wear and tear items that are not within certain specifications (wipers, tires, batteries, brakes, etc...). I am sure since you have only had the van for 2.5 months you could push and get the battery covered.

As far as towing that probably isn't covered since you didn't buy the Honda Care extended warranty. I purchased it with mine since I bought a Touring edition and I was worried about all the extra electronics. Now mine has bumper to bumper coverage for the 100k instead of just powertrain.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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