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Honda Care - Dealerships Willing To Sell for Less Than Retail

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I recently picked up a 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring (Canada version, which is substantially equivalent to an Elite in the US).

I am looking at Honda Care. Dealer only quoted the “retail price”.

I would appreciate input from anyone who has any referrals or experience in obtaining Honda Care at a discount in Canada. Also, those in the US should also feel free to post for any interested Odyssey owners in the US.
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I am starting to look for options on the US side too. I am in South East Michigan, and someone had suggested College Hills Honda. I will email them and let you know what rates I get. If someone has an alternate lead please let me know.

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There's a number of options in the States, Hyannis and College Hills being among them. They've been listed off a hundred times and should be easily searchable.

I'm not aware of any Canadian Honda dealers that will wholesale extended warranties. It would be awesome if anyone did find a name for that.
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