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Honda Cust. Svc. Horror Story

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If y'all have read my earlier post about my laundry list of problems (each one arguably minor, but put together they do NOT equal HONDA), you know about my dissatisfaction with the Ody product. So now I have another level of dissatisfaction - the piss poor corporate customer service. I called them a couple weeks ago to complain about my problems. Apparently, the previous written complaints in quality surveys plus my verbal bitching at dealerships didn't stir anyone at all. I get on the web, which tells me to call the regional office here in Atlanta. I call and get a recording that gives me an overall corporate 800 number. Strike one - why does the website give me one phone number that simply gives me a recording telling me to call another number??? So finally I get a human on the phone and go through my problems. Would I prefer to take the van to a dealer and meet with the Service Manager and the Honda District Manager to go over my issues, she asked. Of course. Okay, she says and proceeds to detail how difficult it will be to schedule such an event because the District Manager is just soooooo busy, but she'll check and get back with me. Two weeks pass and she calls me yesterday apologizing because the dealership misunderstood what to do (huh???) and didn't realize that the DM was supposed to be involved. Strike two for being stupid. Then she asked if I wanted to bring the van in to the dealer, have him look at the doors ONLY, then bring it back in at a later time to meet with the DM about my other issues. Like almost everyone else who owns a minivan, ours is basically a bus for our 3 kids, so going without the van is a major inconvenience to us. No I say - I will bring the van into the dealer ONE TIME to address all my issues at the same time. This seemed to catch her off guard. Strike three for not understanding your damn customers. So now I am back at square one, waiting for customer service to call me back about when the DM will grant me an audience (will I have to kiss his ring???). I am having a hard time beleiving that this is Honda, not Hyundai. Does anyone from Honda read this forum? If so, I sure would like to hear from you.

Wishing I woulda bought a freakin Chrysler (and you ain't got no idea how low I think that is) -lmh
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customer sevice nightmares


I totally understand where you are coming from.... You really made your feelings known....Said everything I have been thinking since my ordeal started back in May. I appreciated knowing I wasn't alone in the customer nightmare department. Take a look at my posting from today under problems and concerns and you'll see what I mean.


PS your post really made me laugh...Funny how empathy does that?
I gave up on Honda customer service....They are horrid, not to mention no one I ever talked to spoke English. My 2 year old speaks better than anyone I talked with from 1-800.

Just don't buy another!!
Wild Willy:

I hate to give up on Honda so soon...This is my fourth car and up until now eveything has been fine.

I have now been told that I will receive the car back by Friday, (this is after I called the Honda service customer number).

I am hoping that she's in the same shape I dropped her off or I will be getting another one, it will just be at Honda's expense!

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