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Honda dealer will NOT install Magnefine filter. See reasons why. Any thoughts?

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Not very mechanically inclined and was going to have local Honda dealership install the magnefine I just received for my 2003 Honda Odyssey.

The local Honda dealer said they would not install this on my Honda Odyssey. They say that the transmission is already delicate enough on the 2003 year model and that any constriction or slowing of flow would destroy the tranny. I explained to them that the product box says it will not restrict flow and I know of many Honda Odyssey owners who swear by the Magnefine filter. Their response was that any fluid sent through a filter medium would cause some slowing of the fluid flow. I did not know how to respond to this. They sarcastically asked me if I poured water through a coffee filter would it not indeed slow down the flow of the water as it passes through the filter?

How do I respond to this and is it true? Obviously I will have to have someone else install it but I was not sure how to respond to what they said and whether or not there was any merit to what they were saying.

Thank you for your help.
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New Dad New Van said:
I guess I must have a good dealer as he thought it was a prudent thing to do on this transmission.
You have a good dealer NDNV. My local dealer also refused to install the filter and discouraged me from installing one myself. I still do not run a filter in either the 2001 Accord V6 or the Oddy as both are under warranty and I don't want to argue with the dealers.
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