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This Honda Job Aid provides information on how to perform an engine compression test and a cylinder leakage test on Honda V6 and L4 engines.

Always refer to the service manual for the exact specs for minimum compression pressure and maximum variation for your Odyssey year and trim level.

If you are not using the Honda MVCI and HDS, then you will need to manually disable the fuel injectors and ignition system, as needed. This can be done by removing the applicable fuse(s) or relay(s).

Engine Compression Test and Cylinder Leakage Test - V6 Engines

Engine Compression Test and Cylinder Leakage Test - L4 Engines

Honda Tech2Tech Videos on Compression Testing and Cylinder Leak-Down Testing can be found here and below:

Engine Troubleshooting: Step 1: Compression Testing

Engine Troubleshooting: Step 2: Cylinder Leak-Down Testing

Additional information on Honda Engine Firing Orders, Cylinder Numbering Layout, and Engine Rotation Direction can be found here:
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