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Honda Leather vs Classic Soft Trim

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Anybody had a chance to visually compare the 2002 Honda factory leather vs.the after market leather offered by Classic Soft Trim? Which looks nicer? Does the Classic look nicer?

I am having a hard time finding an EX with leather and am considering having the leather and heated seat option done by Classic Soft Trim. I understand that the seat heater control is mounted on the seat with the Classic, rather than the door, as in the factory version.

Rick Ives
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We have the Classic Soft Trim leather installed in our '01 EX. So far we like it a lot and have had no problems or complaints. We have not used the heated seats much. You are correct in that the switch is mounted on the outer side of the seat base.

Unfortunatley, I haven't had the chance to see the '02 with leather yet to give you my comparison opinion. However, if the '02 has side airbags in the seat sides, you might want to check to see if Classic will even do the installation. I thought that I read that many of the aftermarket places don't want to do the installation because of liability reasons.

Good luck with your decision,



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