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Honda Leather vs Classic Soft Trim

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Anybody had a chance to visually compare the 2002 Honda factory leather vs.the after market leather offered by Classic Soft Trim? Which looks nicer? Does the Classic look nicer?

I am having a hard time finding an EX with leather and am considering having the leather and heated seat option done by Classic Soft Trim. I understand that the seat heater control is mounted on the seat with the Classic, rather than the door, as in the factory version.

Rick Ives
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I'll just leave my 01 EX seat alone. I never like leather seats. It burn my butt in summer and freez my butt in winter. I don't think it work well in 115 degrees or higher of Arizona weather. I always see people use their towel on top of their leather seat in summer or when they have a long trip. I take cloth over leather anytime.
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