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In my seven months ownership of my Odyssey, I have noticed that some of the materials used are more fragile than I expected. The plastic stuff used on the door panels and bulkheads is strange stuff. It seems to have a "skin" layer on it which can be abraded off and you end up with a permanent scar. I also notice that the front bumper will chip.

I had a Dodge Caravan for seven years and really "used" it. I never had any such flaws show up in the materials on it. The front bumper did not have one chip on it and the front of the hood and windshield had plenty. The interior plastic was much more durable and really showed very few permanent scars. In any case, the material did not have that "skin" layer which makes such an ugly reminder of any encounter with a foreign object.

I love my Odyssey, but the above are some discouraging flaws.

Jerry O.
2001 GG LX
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