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I would urge ANYONE who has experienced a Honda Odyssey Automatic Transmission failure to report the incident to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Failure of a major powertrain component such as the Automatic Transmission is indeed a safety issue.

My 2003 Honda Odyssey is at the Honda dealer now and I am quite confident that in the end it will be diagnosed with a failed automatic transmission. In my particular case, it occured pulling out of a parking lot into a busy street and the Odyssey struggled to get up to a safe speed slipping it's way into various gears. I never thought about it but honestly this could have killed me and my family as we were attempting to pull out into a busy street. Thank goodness I was not rear ended or worse and was able to pull the van into the most immediate parking lot.

If enough people start reporting this we might get some attention for those who were not covered by the class action lawsuit which I think was pre-2003. So what if they did the recall and the jet "fix"...we all know that wasn't enough and they continue to fail. Honda's remanufactured automatic transmissions have a high failure rate as well...heck some don't even make it to Honda's 3 year/36k warranty before they need their THIRD transmission.

This is an epidemic failure of a major powertrain component which when you really think about IS INDEED a safety issue!!

Take the time to read the comments located at There are over 9 pages...I think I linked page 8 but you can look through all of them and in my case it has convinced me that I have to take personal action to bring this to light. Filing a report with the NHTSA is step one of this process.

Honda, in most of the cases I have read, really treated (and continue to treat) their loyal customers like cow dung. If you really think about the safey issue here as well it makes me furious.

I am encouraging everyone here who has expereinced this to file a complaint with the NTHSA and detail the mechanical failure along with the safety concern whether potential or having something actually occur.

You can file your complaint with the NHTSA regarding your Honda Odyssey automatic transmission failure here: NHTSA Comlaint Form - Honda Odyssey Automatic Transmission Failure - it is important to have your VIN handy which helps them compile information on year, make, model in order to see a trend. Thank you for your action.
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