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Honda Tech2Tech: Videos for Service Technicians

April 2009:

Get "The Feel" For Proper Valve Clearance

Are You Using Your Free Self-Test Adapter For the HDS Tablet?

Bad Drive Belt Idler Pulley Or Just The PCV Valve At Work

Sending Those Snapshots To Tech Line Is A Snap

HFL Problem? Check Phone Compatibility First

Long-Term Vehicle Storage: Battery Testing Tips

Doing S/B 07-049? Follow Step 44 To The Letter

Episode 3

Wake Up Those TPMS Sensors And Set Tire Pressures At PDI

MIL On With DTC P0456? Here's A Tip

Install The Rear Bumper Applique Fingerprint And Bubble Free

May 2009:

Meet The VT55

Security Alarm Sounds By Itself? Check The Security Breach History

Get To Know The GR8 Battery Charger

Make Good Use Of Those New Pin Fit Gauges

June 2009:

Engine Starting Problems? Check The Immobilizer System Status

ETM Schematics Have Gone Animated

Check Out Those Cool Animated Repair Procedures

Service Express: Your Trusty Backup If ISIS Goes Down

Measure Parasitic Draw With The LH41A Clamp Meter

July 2009:

Get The Right Road Crown Reading For Your Diagnostic Worksheet

August 2009:

Turn Your PC Into An HDS Device

Testing Components With A Low-OHM Spec

Install Accessory Backup Sensors Trouble-Free

Tire Pressure Sensor Location Made Easy

September 2009:

HDS Reference Materials Are Just A Few Clicks Away

Follow These Steps To Manually Reset That Power Window Control Unit

Install Those Accessory Body Side Moldings Trouble-Free

October 2009:

An Important Word On S/B 08-093

Here's Where That Engine Oil Leak Is Really Coming From

Install That Remote Engine Starter Trouble-Free

November 2009:

ISIS Has A New Look

A Quick Tour Of The Accord Crosstour

Accord Crosstour Has New Tire Pressure Sensors

IMA Battery Charging Is A Must For Long-Term Vehicle Storage

Remember To Reset That Moonroof Control Unit

December 2009:

Handy Search Tips For The New ISIS

Team Up The HDS With The VT55 For Sensor ID Learning

Why The Power Sliding Door Opens Beeps 3 Times And Closes

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January 2010:

Entering Gauge Control Module Self-Diagnostic Without The HDS

How To Figure Out Brake Pad Wear

February 2010:

What You Need To Know About HDS Lockout

Avoid TPMS-Related Comebacks With These Important Tips

Add This Cool Trim Tool To Your Tool Box

March 2010:

Perfect Delivery: You Make It Happen

Look What's New In ISIS: Electrical Wiring Diagrams

Don't Have The Anti-Theft Code? Here's An Easy Way To Get It

April 2010:

Power Door Lock Settings: What You Need To Know

Service Bulletin Spotlight: 09-094 And 10-002

Keyless Remote Giving You Grief? Here's The Official Fix

May 2010:

Measuring Voltage Drop To Pinpoint Those Elusive Electrical Problems

Sometimes Bugs Are To Blame For Vehicle Problems

The Relay Socket Extender: Another Cool Tool For Your Tool Box

June 2010:

Safely Remove That Rotor Pulley With The A/C Compressor Kit

Finding The Current Program ID Of A Programmable ECU

Animated Repair Procedures Help Make Interior Trim Replacement A Snap

July 2010:

Rear Brake Pad Replacement: What You Need To Know

Check Out The Interactive A/C Performance Test

August 2010:

Turning Off The SRS Indicator When The Body Shop Can't

Install Those Accessory Cross Bars Trouble Free

Check Out The Cool Cabinet Drawer Layouts In ISIS

September 2010:

Engine Rattles At Cold Startup? Meet The New And Improved Service Bulletin 09-010

Service Bulletin Spotlight: 10-033, MIL Comes On With DTC P0300 Thru P0304

Remove Those Washer Tubes The Right Way

October 2010:

Meet The Latest In A/C Machines: The Robinair 48920T

The MVCI: A Few Answers To Those Commonly Asked Questions

November 2010:

Troubleshooting And Repairing A Contaminated A/C System

Updating Moonroof Control Units With A Flash Pack Is A Snap

Battery Charge Low Message: What It Means And What To Do About It

December 2010:

Engine Troubleshooting: Step 1: Compression Testing

Engine Troubleshooting: Step 2: Cylinder Leak-Down Testing

Look What's New In ISIS: Interactive Fuel And Emissions DTC Troubleshooting

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January 2011:

Troubleshooting The B-Can System Without The HDS

February 2011:

Intermittent TPMS DTCs? Check For RF Interference

Brake Rotor Turning: We're Bustin A Few Myths

Check Out The New Ethernet Cable For The MVCI

March 2011:

Service Bulletin Spotlight: 08-045, Chirp From The Timing Belt Area

Checking For Blown Fuses? Remember This Tip

Opening New Windows Or Tabs In ISIS Can Help Save Time

April 2011:

Probe Electrical Connectors The Right Way

Tips From Tech Line: Finding And Fixing Body Noises

Service Bulletin Spotlight: 11-010, Safety Recall: Lost Motion Springs

May 2011:

Replacing A Damaged DLC

A Quick Tour Of The 2012 Civic Electronic Service Manual

Short Block Inspection Tips: Checking Cylinder Walls

June 2011:

Recording Manual Snapshots With A Laptop PC

Sending Recorded Snapshots To Tech Line

Service Bulletin Spotlight: 10-039, Safety Recall: Replacement Driver's Airbag Inflator Can Be Over-Pressurized

July 2011:

Poor A/C Performance Or Dead Battery? Could Be A Sticking Compressor Clutch Relay

New PCM Supplier For Odysseys And Pilots

MIL On With DTC P0522 Or P0523? Check For A Corroded Rocker Arm Oil Pressure Sensor

August 2011:

The Electronic Service Bay: Saving You Time And Effort

Front Suspension Leak? Check The Rear Lower Arm Bushing Bracket

A Cool New Tool For Removing Push Pin Clips And Grab Handle Caps

September 2011:

Stalling Engine? Take An On-Board Snapshot

Interpreting Torque Converter Judder Snapshot Data

Vibration Troubleshooting Made Easy

How To Get HDS Updates In Master Server Mode

How To Get HDS Updates In Standalone Mode

October 2011:

Noise Under The Hood, A/C Not Working Right? Check The Compressor Clutch First

A/C Compressor Clutch Inspection And Replacement

November 2011:

The Brake Override Feature: What You Need To Know

Check Cam Chain Alignment To Avoid Engine Damage

Fuel Cap Warning Message Won't Go Off? Check This Out

December 2011:

Popping Or Clicking After Installing The Body Wedge

Quicker DTC Troubleshooting With These HDS Features

Removing a Damaged Remote Transmitter Screw

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January 2012:

January 2012 Episode

Check Out The Battery Sensor Flash Pack

GR8 Now Tests Alternators

I-Troubleshooting At A Glance

Specialty Hotlines And Departments

February 2012:

February 2012 Episode

IMA Battery Ordering Tip

Try A Battery Cable Reset

EWD Improvements: Search By VIN And Circuit Diagrams

March 2012:

March 2012 Episode

Check Wheel Bearings With The Magnetic Sensor Test Card

SRS And ODS Troubleshooting Made Easy

April 2012:

April 2012 Episode

A Quick Test for DTC P3400 and/or P3497

Troubleshooting Excessive Parasitic Draw

May 2012:

May 2012 Episode

Front Damper/Spring Reassembly Tips

Speaker Troubleshooting Made Easy

June 2012:

June 2012 Episode

Check Alcohol Level in Gasoline With This Special Tool

A Quick Check For Finding Power Sliding Door Problems

July 2012:

July 2012 Episode

A/C Troubleshooting With the PGM-FI Data List

Wrong Replacement Parts Can Cause SRS DTCs

August 2012:

August 2012 Episode

A Quick Check For Finding Power Tailgate Problems

Online Feedback Tips

September 2012:

September 2012 Episode

A Look At TPMS Calibration

Junction Board Safety Tips

Junction Board Transfer Tips

October 2012:

October 2012 Episode

Testing Multi-Stage Alternators with the GR8

Torquing With a Crowfoot-Type Special Tool

November 2012:

November 2012 Episode

Aiming the LaneWatch Camera

Excessive Engine Oil Consumption on the 2012 Civic Si

December 2012:

December 2012 Episode

Updating a Programmable HFL Control Unit: 2012-13 CR-V

Check Keyless Access Remote for Water Damage: 2012-13 Accord

Moonroof Visor Installation Tips to Prevent Wind Noise

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January 2013:

January 2013 Episode

Poor Terminal Fit Can Cause Intermittent Electrical Problems

Let's Talk Test Lights

February 2013:

February 2013 Episode

Connection Problems Between the HDS and Vehicle

Waterproofing the Driver's Power Window Master Switch: 2002-06 CR-V

HDS Software 3.009.003 Immobilizer Registration Changes

HDS Software 3.009.003 HDS Lockout Changes

March 2013:

March 2013 Episode

Finding Water Leaks

Reading Snapshots: VTM-4 DTC 23-1

April 2013:

April 2013 Episode

Let's Talk Insulated Gloves!

Reading Snapshots: Intermittent Engine Stall on 2004 and Later Vehicles

May 2013:

May 2013 Episode

Power Up a One-Push Start Vehicle with the HDS

Installing the Subharness for S/B 13-026

June 2013:

June 2013 Episode

Capturing Screens with the HDS

Tips for Trouble-Free Audio-Navi Unit Replacement

HFL and Navi Restrictions Explained

July 2013:

July 2013 Episode

IMA Battery Replacement Tips

Torque and Clamping Force: Know the Difference

August 2013:

August 2013 Episode

Honda Adapters for Pro-Cut 9.2 On-Car Brake Lathe

Compressor Clutch Replacement From S/B 12-072

September 2013:

September 2013 Episode

Reading Snapshots: Intermittent A/T Code P0705 on 2004 Accord L4

New Online Resources Define EWD Circuit Names

How to Clean Piston Ring Grooves

October 2013:

October 2013 Episode

Accessory Trunk Lid Spoiler Installation Tips

Avoid Accessory Side Under Spoiler Damage

November 2013:

November 2013 Episode

How to Use a Digital Torque Angle Gauge

Recording Snapshots and Sending Them to Tech Line

December 2013:

December 2013 Episode

How to Enter PGM-FI Maintenance Mode in the Accord Plug-in and Hybrid

Checking the CVT Fluid Level When There's No Dipstick

Call HandsFreeLink Customer Service or Visit HandsFreeLink Website for Help

Use ServiceExpress if ISIS Goes Down

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January 2014:

January 2014 Episode

Reading Snapshots: Intermittent VSA Activation on a 2007 Pilot

Use These Tools for Electrical Testing

February 2014:

February 2014 Episode

Meet the Multi-Media Interface Tester!

Check Out the Next Generation EWDs!

March 2014:

March 2014 Episode

New Air Cleaner Element Inspection Procedure

Let's Talk Engine Misfire Types!

April 2014:

April 2014 Episode

Replacing Wiper Blades in 2013-14 Accords

May 2014:

May 2014 Episode

A Simple Procedure to Troubleshoot Multiple DTCs

Check Out the DLC Circuit Troubleshooting Job Aid!

June 2014:

June 2014 Episode

Use a Thermocouple for A/C Troubleshooting

Spongy Brake Pedal? Check out this Job Aid!

Steering Column Cover Removal/Reinstallation Tips

July 2014:

July 2014 Episode

Battery Testing and Charging

August 2014:

August 2014 Episode

A Look at HDS Consumption Current History

Get to Know the Camera and Radar Aiming Special Tools

September 2014:

September 2014 Episode

Torque Wrench Care and Servicing Tips

Use This New Socket to Remove a Fuel Filter B Housing

October 2014:

October 2014 Episode

Steering Angle Sensor Out of Position

TPMS Indicator On or Low Tire Pressure Indicator Flashing?

November 2014:

November 2014 Episode

Radar Unit Problems? Check for Paint Protection Film or Non-Factory Paint

Preparing for Radar Unit Aiming

December 2014:

December 2014 Episode

Radar Unit Aiming

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January 2015:

January 2015 Episode

EWD Webinar Available on Online University

Camera Aiming for LDW-Equipped Vehicles

February 2015:

February 2015 Episode

Search Feature Added to Next Generation EWDs

Finding Cell Phone Compatibility and Features

March 2015:

March 2015 Episode

Can't Duplicate a Smart Entry Problem?

How to Install Teflon Injector Seals

Releasing the Sun Visor in a 2008-15 Civic

April 2015:

April 2015 Episode

A Quick Tip for Measuring Bolt Thread Diameters

Identifying Electrical Connectors and Terminals

May 2015:

May 2015 Episode

Removing Stripped Torx Fasteners from a Steering Wheel

Using the 4-Pin Relay Socket Extender

June 2015:

June 2015 Episode

Saving On-Board Snapshots Before Clearing Powertrain DTCs

A/C Troubleshooting Resources!

2016 Pilot - New Features and Servicing Tips

July 2015:

July 2015 Episode

Direct Injection System Servicing Precautions and Tips

Windshield-Mounted Multipurpose Camera Too Hot?

August 2015:

August 2015 Episode

Always Start with the Basics When Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

Using Mag-Form Fasteners to Repair Stripped Threads

New A/C Compressor Clutch Center Bolt

September 2015:

September 2015 Episode

Finding the Current Program ID of a Programmable Control Unit

Checking the Alcohol Level in Gasoline

How to Release the Park Lock on a 9-Speed Transmission

October 2015:

October 2015 Episode

A Look at PCM Idle Learn

SRS DTCs - Using the SAE Standard

November 2015:

November 2015 Episode

How to Tell One TPMS from Another

A Look at the VT55

Sensor ID Learning with the HDS and VT55

December 2015:

December 2015 Episode

Engine Starting Problems? Check the Immobilizer System

Working with R-1234yf Refrigerant

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January 2016:

January 2016 Episode

Stalling Engine? Take an On-Board Snapshot!

Try a Battery Cable Reset!

New Passenger Airbag OFF Indicator Logic

February 2016:

February 2016 Episode

Check Out Tech Line's Updated Landing Page (dealers only)

Updating with the Mongoose Pro Honda Interface Tool

March 2016:

March 2016 Episode

Check Terminal Fit with the Right Test Tool

Don't Update Control Unit Software Unless Directed

Replacing the Filler Neck Main Flap Unit

April 2016:

April 2016 Episode

Load the Suspension at 1G

A Quick Look at Ground Distribution and Power Distribution Schematics

Refuelling a Capless Fuel System Vehicle from a Portable Fuel Container

May 2016:

May 2016 Episode

OPDS Unit Initializing in Safety Recall Bulletin 15-013

Prevent Rodent-Damaged Wire Harness with Rodent Deterrent Tape

Noise on Vehicles with High-Strength and Ultra-High-Strength Steel

June 2016:

June 2016 Episode

Accessory Trunk Lid Spoiler Installation with the Rotabroach Kit and Deburring Tool

Using the MIN MAX Feature on Your Digital Multimeter

What's New with i-HDS

July 2016:

July 2016 Episode

Load the Suspension at 1G

2016 Civic HVAC Not Working

August 2016:

August 2016 Episode

Troubleshooting HFL Features

2014-16 Odyssey Creak from the B-Pillar

HDS Device Tips

September 2016:

September 2016 Episode

Road Force Vibration

All New Connected Circuits in the EWD

October 2016:

October 2016 Episode

[/B]Safety Recall: Takata's Front Passenger's Airbag Inflator

SRS Safety Tips

November 2016:

November 2016 Episode

[/B]Check Switch and Latch Inputs with the i-HDS

Interference when Programming Keyless Access Remotes

December 2016:

December 2016 Episode

Using the SRS Short Canceling Tool

Fluid Level in 9-Speed A/Ts is Critical to Proper Operation

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January 2017:

January 2017 Episode

9-Speed Transmission or TCM Replacement Procedure

Out of Warranty Audio Navigation Repair Tip

February 2017:

February 2017 Episode

Sending Snapshots to Tech Line

Recording Manual Snapshots (Early Gen Vehicles)

March 2017:

March 2017 Episode

Tips when Working with Fracture Rods

The New Battery Information System (BMIS)

April 2017:

April 2017 Episode

J2534 Feature in the i-HDS

Tech Line Forum

May 2017:

May 2017 Episode

Engine Damage Due to Oil Filter Plastic

Power Up a One-Push Start Vehicle with the i-HDS - With Replaced Components

June 2017:

June 2017 Episode

A/C Refrigerant Oil Replacement

AWD Rear Differential Leaks

July 2017:

July 2017 Episode

Engine Oil Consumption Test Job Aid

Misfire Troubleshooting Tip

Tech Line Forum: Publication Search Tips

August 2017:

August 2017 Episode

Engaging VSA Maintenance Mode

New Caliper Bolt for 2018 Odyssey

Safety Recall: 2013-16 Accord Battery Management Sensor

September 2017:

September 2017 Episode

Time Saving Tip When Calling Tech Line

On-Board Snapshots

October 2017:

October 2017 Episode

Using the GPS and Satellite Test Antennas

Audio Unit/Audio Navigation Unit Stuck in Factory Diagnostic Mode?

Identifying TOP TIER Gas Suppliers

November 2017:

November 2017 Episode

VTEC Rocker Arm Removal Tip

Torque Converter Shudder and Vibration

December 2017:

December 2017 Episode

New Torque Wrench Calculator Job Aid

2017-18 CR-V Accessory Rear Bumper Protector Installation Tips

2011-17 Odyssey- Instructions for Properly Installing/Positioning the Second Row Outer Seats and Confirming They Are Securely Latched

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January 2018:

January 2018 Episode

Check for A/C Leaks with the Ultra Sonic Leak Detector

Using the Accessory 16mm Punch Tool

Creating an i-HDS Error Report

February 2018:

February 2018 Episode

Understanding How Auto Idle Stop Works

Check Out the New VT56 TPMS Tool

March 2018:

March 2018 Episode

Updating Garmin Navigation Maps

Changes to the Legacy HDS Software

April 2018:

April 2018 Episode

On Demand Multi-Use Display (ODMD) Not Working?

Check Out the New PCM Terminal Tool

May 2018:

May 2018 Episode

Understanding the Service Check Signal (SCS) Function

June 2018:

June 2018 Episode

Helping Customers with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Issues

Let's Talk Noise-Reducing Wheels

July 2018:

July 2018 Episode

A Look at the 2019 Insight 12-Volt Battery

Engine Oil Filters Get New Packaging

August 2018:

August 2018 Episode

Safety Recall: Left (Driver Side) Second Row Seat Recliner Does Not Lock?

September 2018:

September 2018 Episode

Let's Talk Piston Ring Compressors

Understanding the Walk Away Auto Lock Feature

October 2018:

October 2018 Episode

Install Those Accessory Second Row Seat-Back and Rear Side Lining Protectors Trouble- Free!

Install That Accessory Sticker Package Trouble-Free!

Understanding Oil Dilution

November 2018:

November 2018 Episode

A Closer Look at Radar Aiming

December 2018:

December 2018 Episode

Enhanced i-HDS Makes Troubleshooting Multiple DTCs Easier!

Tech Line Forum Tips

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January 2019:

January 2019 Episode

Check Out the Cylinder Wall Inspection Tool!

Let's Talk MOST Bus Network and ECL Diagnostics

February 2019:

February 2019 Episode

Let's Talk Plastigage!

March 2019:

March 2019 Episode

Check Out the Drop Down Glove Box Cover!

April 2019:

April 2019 Episode

Accessory Protection Film Installation Tips

Always Launch the i-HDS from the i-HDS Icon!

May 2019:

May 2019 Episode

A Look at MOST Bus Network Connectors

Manually Adjusting the Steering Angle Sensor

June 2019:

June 2019 Episode

HVAC System Troubleshooting Tips

Special Episode-World Skills Competition

July 2019:

July 2019 Episode

Important Advice When Unplugging Electrical Connectors

August 2019:

August 2019 Episode

Checking the Fluid Level in a 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

Don't Forget the USB Cable Spacer and Cable Lock When Using the DST-i!

September 2019:

September 2019 Episode

Tech Line Forum Search Tips

Recording Snapshots and Sending Them to Tech Line


October 2019:

October 2019 Episode

A Look at TIME-SERT Thread Repair Kits

November 2019:

November 2019 Episode

A Look at Five-Step Troubleshooting

Installing the Lift Table Safety Update

December 2019:

December 2019 Episode

Applying Five-Step Troubleshooting

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