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hood poles

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I saw a pre-99 Ody and it had silver poles on the outer edges of the right and left hood. They were about 12-15 inches in height and had an encircled H at the top. The pole was somewhat skinny. Does anyone know where I can get these? I checked the Honda aftermarket sites and didn't see anything. I presume they are parking guides. I am very nervous about driving this van after driving a civic for so long.

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I'm not sure who sells them. They've been using them on the Japanese luxury cars ( i.e. Toyota Crown,etc.) since way back. So I pressume you can find them in Japan.
Also, our big trucks at work have them ! You could check the truck/full-size van/RV accessory places.

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Here they are on japanese Odyssey site (or at least one); looks like an antenna.
Don't be nervous. Just drive it like a Civic especially when cornering and hitting VTEC.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by gfawkes:
Here they are on japanese Odyssey site (or at least one); looks like an antenna.

Dang. Looks like they're even retractible. Now I want a pair...


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Check out this ol' discussion about putting a reverse sensor in the front bumper/grill.



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The hood pole on the Japanese site shows it in the front. I could use that one to. The Ody parks in the same parking lot at work and I staked it out until the owner drove up and I asked her where she got them. Taiwan. They were on each side of the van probably clipped under the hood.
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