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How do I obtain my engine code? (ie; J35A7, J35A6)

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I’m seeking to replace the engine in my 2010 EX-L. I’m trying to determine my engine code (J35A6, J35A7, etc). Can it be determined from my VIN?
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You can just look at the engine block and it will be marked.

In your case you have a J35A7, but not all J35A7s are created equal. A J35A7 from an 05-07 Odyssey would not work for example. You need a J35A7 engine and it has to come from an 08-10 Odyssey EX-L or Touring.

Interesting how you jumped from misfires to engine replacement...
Ahhh Yes!
Things went from worse to horrible real quick. I had a Batman Smoke-screen coming out the exhaust. At this point I decided to call Time Of Death.
While visiting a good friend in Mentor, MN. I told him I called TOD on the 10’
The next day he texted around and found a 10’ coming to auction that weekend w/150K miles, rear wheel hit pass side.
The ODY GODS were shiny down on me better than my wildest dreams. This Ody was exact same color, trim pkg EXL, sold from same Honda Dealer mine was bought from. One lifetime owner. She started and ran so sweet. No engine noise. And she was Muzzled.
My friend got the van for $1,500. He pulled and crated the engine along with all 3 of the Cats and shipped it home to my engine guy. I bought the AISIN Timing Belt/WP kit and Honda fluids. Had to cut the stabilizers so replaced with new. It was plug n play.
I couldn’t be more pleased. She’s back from the dead. Her performance is far greater than my van was at 80K miles. She jumps off the line at stops. And for whatever reason the tranny is shifting like new again.
Now the total lack of engine noise brings the struts front and center. I’ll be asking advice following this post.
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