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Hi All, I'm hoping that I've posted my question in the correct forum. Nonethless, I ran into an issue today in where I was about to feed the RCA plug from the rubber boot through the chassis opening near where the boot plugs back into chassis and found out I could not feed the RCA plug as shown on some youtube videos I seen of other installs. I believe those vehicles were 2007 Odyssey's but mine is a 2006. I'm wondering if there is some differences in the metal chassis between both years.

I did not rip out all the panels on the right-rear side of the vehicle and in doing so, I may have gotten a better picture as to what was going on. I ran out of time and light as it was getting dark. Hoping to get back on this project tomorrow. This rear camera will be plugging into an aftermarket head unit (Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX).

If anyone has any pictures they can share of their install (panels to remove, where to route the video cable) that would be great. Browsing around youtube for videos only yielded in a few posts but those folks were able to push their RCA plugs through where I couldn't.

Thanks in advanced fellow members!!
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