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How do you determine date your 2011 was built?

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How can you determine the final build date of a 2011 Odyssey? I thought it would be embedded in the VIN but the VIN decoder referenced on the forum didn't include build date information.

Is it on the window sticker? If so, where?

Do you have to estimate it by sequence somewhere or is it on the vehicle?

I'm used to on the old cars having a trim tag with the week / day it was built. :D

I tried a search but didn't dig up anything.

Great forum you have going here...Thanks for the help!
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Mine only says the month and year, and I think that is all they show on the vehicle itself. Honda on the other hand, could probably trace it closer to the exact date. The only other place I could think to look is OwnerLink. I have never checked there, but it might be worth a try.
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