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How long will I wait?

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I've been reading posts about how long the wait will be for an odyssey. I ordered my van a week before the earthquake and was given a delivery date of April 23. I can't find out any information as to when my van will arrive. The dealership told me that no vin has been issued. I called Honda Canada and they cannot give me any information which I find to be quite strange. I would expect that they would have some kind of idea as to if I'll be waiting one, two, three or more months but they maintain that they can't tell me anything. We have a long road trip planned for the end of August and I do need our vehicle by then. Can anyone please advise? Thank you.
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It isn't the dealer's fault that there was a tsunami in Japan that destroyed some parts plants. Production has slowed and I'm sure parts availability and production levels are changing from week to week so Honda Canada might not really know when you are likely to get your van.

Have you tried getting your dealer to so a search to see if there is a van somewhere else in the country that meets your needs. Maybe your dealer can do a trade or you can contact the dealer directly to try and make a deal.

I shipped a van from the prairies to Toronto with Adesa Auto Auction's carrier for about $500 (taxes in). I got a commercial rate so you might pay more (or less if the shipping dealer is closer to you). It arrived in a few days in perfect condition.

I'm betting that you will get your van by August, but if not, maybe you can try and get a concession from your dealer and use the cash to rent a minivan for the trip. Is your current car not able to make the trip?
Thanks for the responses. The dealer is prepared to let us out of our agreement but I don't want out unless I can get an Odyssey elsewhere. We really need a mini van as we are a family of five and our kids are teens so we need all the space on lengthy road trips for our suitcases hence the need for a van and not an SUV. We presently have an '07 Odyssey with close to a 100,000 km. We aren't driving our van now as we don't want to go over 100k and lose the warranty. My husband had an Accura and at 103,000 km the transmission had to be replaced so there's no way we're going over 100,000 km. The dealer said that we can rent a Civic for $800 a month but that's the best they can do. I'm considering looking at Leasebusters for a short term lease and then getting an Odyssey next year.
You can look on lease busters but I haven't found many great deals there, plus you have to make sure there is a lease return inspection done prior to you taking over the lease or you might get stuck with stuff like tire wear or other general maintenance the lessee needed to do that wasn't done.

You can use a broker or you can just start calling some dealers in the GTA to see what is available. I'm sure there are at least a dozen dealers in the aera (Oakville, Newmarket, Mississauga, Thornhill and further out in Peterborough, Cambridge, Kitchener, etc.). The dealer in our smaller city has 2 Tourings on the lot. I didn't check the dealer I bought my van at - they usually have much better stock.

I'd hang onto your deal and see if you can match it at another dealer. If you can't I'd just rent a mini van for the trip. The other possibility is to just have your van's transmission checked prior to your trip. I doubt you will have a failure if it tests as functioning correctly and you haven't been having any problems with it. The combination of lease buster costs, or van rental charges, etc. will approach what it might cost to repair your transmission so if you rent or lease, you have guaranteed out of pocket expenses vs a possibility of an expense if you have transmission problems.

That is my $0.02 worth. Good luck with your search.
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