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How long will I wait?

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I've been reading posts about how long the wait will be for an odyssey. I ordered my van a week before the earthquake and was given a delivery date of April 23. I can't find out any information as to when my van will arrive. The dealership told me that no vin has been issued. I called Honda Canada and they cannot give me any information which I find to be quite strange. I would expect that they would have some kind of idea as to if I'll be waiting one, two, three or more months but they maintain that they can't tell me anything. We have a long road trip planned for the end of August and I do need our vehicle by then. Can anyone please advise? Thank you.
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Good for you. Most of the differences (short of the leather) can be had for much less, if you add on the parts (Garmin Nav, aftermarker back of seat video players.)...

Pics of the new ride!

if you don't count the six speed automatic, acoustic windshield, 18" Alloy wheels, built in NAV and vioce control, auto levelling HID's, then i guess there really isnt much of a difference.

I opted for the touring as i'm tired of all that bolted on crap and a gps that keeps falling off he windshield wih a big ugly wire hanging from it...

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