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How long will I wait?

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I've been reading posts about how long the wait will be for an odyssey. I ordered my van a week before the earthquake and was given a delivery date of April 23. I can't find out any information as to when my van will arrive. The dealership told me that no vin has been issued. I called Honda Canada and they cannot give me any information which I find to be quite strange. I would expect that they would have some kind of idea as to if I'll be waiting one, two, three or more months but they maintain that they can't tell me anything. We have a long road trip planned for the end of August and I do need our vehicle by then. Can anyone please advise? Thank you.
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Honda Canada is very unhelpful. I have spoken to the same customer service rep. three times. Quite frankly, I don't know what her role is because she is unable to provide any help or information. I know that the van is made in Alabama and I can't understand why Honda Canada can't or won't get information from the factory in Alabama as to when the van will be ready. If I didn't really need a minivan, I would cancel the order. I drove a Chrysler and I didn't like the drive and I looked at the Toyota but I didn't like the safety rating.
Thanks for the responses. The dealer is prepared to let us out of our agreement but I don't want out unless I can get an Odyssey elsewhere. We really need a mini van as we are a family of five and our kids are teens so we need all the space on lengthy road trips for our suitcases hence the need for a van and not an SUV. We presently have an '07 Odyssey with close to a 100,000 km. We aren't driving our van now as we don't want to go over 100k and lose the warranty. My husband had an Accura and at 103,000 km the transmission had to be replaced so there's no way we're going over 100,000 km. The dealer said that we can rent a Civic for $800 a month but that's the best they can do. I'm considering looking at Leasebusters for a short term lease and then getting an Odyssey next year.
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We are getting a 36 month lease on our new van. Our car will be covered under the warranty for the duration of the lease. We like Hondas but we also like to have our cars under warranty. :)
We are planning on leasing the '11 Odyssey. In three years our kids will all be at university and our car needs will be different.
Thanks for everyone's advice and tips. This morning I went into the dealer and inquired about an extended warranty. I also mentioned that there are dealers in Southern Ontario with the EX trim in stock (as I had called dealers around Ontario yesterday afternoon). I also mentioned that the dealer in Minden had a shipment that was presently in transit. I then reiterated how I can't believe that such a large dealer in Toronto isn't due to receive any Odysseys. The salesperson then checked the computer and said that they do have an EX with DVD on the lot that came in two days ago. Long and short is we ended up getting that van and we're picking it up next week.:)
As soon as it stops raining around here I'll post some pictures.
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