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How many Honda/Acura vehicles have you owned?

  • None

    Votes: 40 3.6%
  • One

    Votes: 171 15.2%
  • Two

    Votes: 267 23.7%
  • Three

    Votes: 218 19.4%
  • Four

    Votes: 191 17.0%
  • Five

    Votes: 106 9.4%
  • Six

    Votes: 48 4.3%
  • Seven

    Votes: 25 2.2%
  • Eight

    Votes: 19 1.7%
  • Nine

    Votes: 9 0.8%
  • Ten

    Votes: 5 0.4%
  • More than Ten! (Please List Below!)

    Votes: 27 2.4%

  • Total voters
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In order of year made, not year owned/purhcased

86 Legend Sedan Base
88 Accord Sedan LXi
89 Accord Coupe SEi
90 Legend Coupe L
91 Acura NSX
02 Honda S2000
06 Acura MDX Touring (Current)
08 Honda Odyssey Touring (Current)

I miss sports cars....

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My wife and I together:
1995 Civic Coupe DX
2000 Accord Coupe EX-V6
2003 CRV EX
2005 Pilot EX-L RES
2008 Odyssey Touring

We have owned mostly Hondas and they are my favorite. Here are the others:
1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2 (My favorite car)
1973 VW Beetle (Bought it for my wife for a wedding present in 2000)
1984 Mercedes 190D (This was my wife's car her dad gave her when she graduated high school. It never ran right so we never actually drove it.)
1990 Ford Ranger XLT (I inherited this from my dad when the lease on my Civic was up. It had 189,000 miles on it when I sold it to get my Accord)
2001 Toyota Echo (My commuter car in Cali. I sold it for the same price I paid for it after putting on 25k miles)
2005 Mustang GT Premium (I sold this it was like a midlife crisis car).
2005 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 (I still have this one with the Odyssey).

Wow I think we have owned too many cars. I am just now turning 35.

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I voted... and can't even count the amount of Honda/Acura vehicles I have owned over the years. Then, when I married my wife, she has had several as well. What I can tell you is there isn't one Honda I have owned that I have lost money on. Most of them I have made money on them AND drove them for more than a year+.

If Honda made a full size 1 ton 4X4 diesel truck, I would sell my F350 Superduty 7.3L!

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03 Civic sedan EX (mine)
04 Accord sedan EX and EXL (wife EX, mine EXL)
09 Odyssey EXL-RES (mine)

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oh boy....I can't remember mileage etc.....but here goes

77 Honda Civic CVCC 5sp Carolina Yellow w/cassette!:D
79 Honda Civic Base 4sp
78 Honda Civic Wagon (biege color)
88 Honda Prelude SI (Red 5speed)
91 honda Civic Wagon (White/automatic)
91 Acura Integra (Black/5speed)
2001 Accord Ex SDN (Silver/Auto)
2002 Odyssey (Gray)
2004 Pilot (Silver)
2006 Element (Off white)
2008 Fit Sport (Red)
2010 RIdgeline (Black)
2011 Odyssey (White)
13 between the wife and I. What can I say....we love Honda!:p

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2011 Odyssey Touring(Current)
2008 Odyssey EX-L Res.
2002 Honda Accord V6 EXL
2001 Acura MDX (Current)
1998 Acura Integra R
1994 Acura Legend LS(current)
1992 Acura Integra GS-R
1991 Acura NSX CTSC (Current)
1991 Acura Legend LS 5 spd.
1989 Honda CRX Si
1988 Honda Civic DX hatch( first honda ever owned)

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I think this will be my first post...

1993 Civc DX HB - 248,000 miles. Bought new Oct '93
2002 Odyssey EX - 130,000 miles, bought used Jan '08

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Honda's that have been at my house!

Honda's are all we have anymore:)

In the past:

1995 Civic (sold in 1999)
2004 Civic EX Sedan (just sold)


2002 CRV EX 134,000 miles
2011 Ody EX (smoky topaz w truffle) 400 miles

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This will probably be my last bump to this thread, the Ody is going away. :(

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For the poll:
2011 Honda Odyssey
2003 Honda Odyssey
2002 Honda Civic
1997 Honda Civic
1990 Honda Civic
1987 Honda Civic
1980 Honda Civic

Not included in the poll:
I bought my mother a 2006 Honda Accord
2001 Honda CBR
1998 Honda CBR
1995 Honda CBR
1992 Honda Magna
1988 Honda Magna
1988 Honda NX125
Various Honda mowers, generators, and power washers over the years.

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On our second Odyssey, quality is superlative, almost pulled the trigger on Acura TL 6MT SHAWD, but too big of a boat, so took the S4 route. I am tired of VAG cars, VWs and Audis, they have quite a few glitches, Toyota plain sucks.

I believe Honda/Acura are definitely in the future, we like to enjoy life in our family and not worry about the next major problem, or spend countless hours in xxxxpy loaners or in dealer's waiting room.

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Original owner and still holding on to it
1993 Acura Integra GS, Manual, Air, Sun and LOTS of FUN
2003 Ody EXL-ENT, LOTS of FUN too. Just different.

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2000 ody, base - gold new to 2007 (30,000 miles when rear ended and totaled)
2001 ody, exl(?) with nav and DVD player - silver 83,000 miles 2007 to present (135,000 miles).

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99 Honda Civic Si EBP
00 Civic Ex silver
95 Honda Civic CX green
92 Honda Civic DX sedan Maroon
92 Honda Civic DX sedan Blue
94 Acura Integra GsR Milano Red
95 Honda Civic Ex coupe white (100 shot NOS)
93 Del Sol Si FBP (Turbo 8psi)
91 Civic STD milano red (mini me,5spd swap & 100 shot NOS)
01 integra GsR silver (N/A 12.90 car)
96 integra ls sedan purple (38-40mpg highway)
98 integra GsR Super Sonic Blue Pearl (wife's toy)
96 integra GsR FBP
2004 Honda Odyssey EX-L RES (bought for my mom)
04 TL 6spd silver (short shifter, aem CAI,& resonator delete)
97 del sol dohc vtec milano red (typical mods)
93 del sol s milano red (230k miles & 42mpg)
92 civic si (autox/show car custom nighthawk black pearl paint)
93 civic si milano red
89 Cars milano red (Turbo GsR)
91 Civic SI FBP (sold to my cousin)
91 crx si fbp (sold to a friend)
07 Acura RDX Tech (traded in for Ody)
2005 Honda Odyssey Touring Navi/RES

I think that's all of them!?
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