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How many miles should a new car have?

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Just wondering the minimum mileage. It shouldn't be over 6 miles right?

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A new car can have many miles.

"New" means "never been titled". The dealership can drive it all around, give test drives, give it to the owner's daughter to drive, whatever. So a new car can have many miles.

You've never heard of "demonstrator" models? 5000, 6000 miles is not uncommon for cars that are given to sales staff to drive around, or for a car that was used as a service shuttle, or whatever. They use the term "demonstrator" to make you think it was just used for little test drives.

But they're all new.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by HK_dude:
Just wondering the minimum mileage. It shouldn't be over 6 miles right?</font>
Here's one answer from a consumer advocate:


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Phew - that was lucky - I had 7 miles on mine when I picked it up. Perhaps the salesman took it to the local gas station to fill it up for me...

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Hi pearson,

Van should have been full of gas when it arrived at the dealership. Miles are probably from the factory to the dealer and all other small little transport trips.

Mine was a little over 20 miles since the dealer delivered it to me (approx distance was about 15 miles).


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The last "new" car I bought new was an '89 Ford Probe (first model year) that was driven in from another dealership and had over 700 miles on it. The price was reduced a little, but not much since they were in high demand (sound familiar?). I doubt it had a proper break-in period, but there did not appear to be any ill effects. It never had engine trouble (Mazda engine) -- I sold it last year with 120k miles.

I wouldn't be concerned about having up to 100 or so miles on our Odyssey (once we buy one), although 6 or 7 would be nice!
Our 2002 had 7 miles on it. But, where did they come from. Our van came right off the delivery truck.
Does Honda give each van a spin at the factory?
Some manufacturers spot QC check cars coming off the line by test driving them. They usually have a certficate stating if that was the case.

For some reason (probably being too excited
) I overlooked the initial mileage on my Ody when picking it up. It had 230 km though.

I decided not to raise this question later, because there were no any apparent disadvantages or problems because of that, as far as I understood.

However, how is that possible to track down why the mileage was so high? Test drives, or what? My Ody was brought to me from hundreds kilometers away dealership, so I guess the best that could have happened is they drove it some of this distance...

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When we first looked at ours it had 2.7 miles on it, when we picked it up a few days later it had 6.1. The dealer drove it to the gas station to fill it up, it came off the truck on empty.
Normally your Odyssey should have around 7 miles or 15 km on it. Yes Honda does test drive it's vehicles. I had a friend who did this for many years at the aliston plant. There is a quality assurance checklist he had to go through while testing it.

I would say any more than that would be due to test drives or if the delivery truck dropped the vehicle at a central drop off and the vans were driven to the dealer.
I wonder if the dealer did test drive my Ody before I bought it. It had six miles on it. When I took it out of the lot (did not test drive it), I already noticed that my Ody drifts to the left. If they did test drive it, they should have notice it during their inspection (or whatever you called it) before selling it. Oh well, I am planning on taking it to the dealer on my first oil change and mention to them about the problem.
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