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Hey everyone when I first became a member like last month I was wondering how to post pictures, Well I searched and came up with nothing. Of course because I'm new I'm sure I didn't search right which will probably be pointed out in the next few replys to this post.... but any hoos.. this is how I figured out to post pictures within a message. I looked at other post with pictures I liked and came up with this.

Step 1. get a free acct at photobucket
Step 2. upload Honda pictures.
Step 3. resize huge photos using edit tools in Photobucket.
Step 4. select option in photobucket to share photos.
Step 5. Copy IMG Code and paste in message on OC, and now you have picture.

also look at the detail from others post and if you select quote on the lower right it will show you code they used.

Only picture readly available...
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