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You are right. Using CAPTCHA alone is not enough. You need additional anti-spamming services turned on and even after that stuff sneaks in and you need to hard ban email domains and IPs.

A cool new feature at the other site I am an admin at identified spam based on all other sites submitting data and flags spam and automatically hides it and sends the mods and admins a message in their PM box. It is very convenient in the sense that you can select all of it on one page, ban the users and delte all their posts all with one click.

Here, we have to ban the user and then go to each form and delete their threads individually. Costs a LOT of time on the moderation (and admin) team's part. With no active banning of IPs and email domains by Jim, we virtually have an open bed for spammers to keep spamming us.

Just yesterday, 2 users in the morning had 250 posts between themselves in almost all forums. It literally took me 20+ minutes just to clean up the work of those two.

BTW moved to Feedback as Chiody or I might mistake this as spam and blow it away. :D :D :D
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