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As posted earlier, I've got an '02 EX on order from Morristown(Tenn) Honda. When I began to seriously shop, I e-mailed several dealers about what I would pay and a few other details regarding my purchase requirements. Some dealers responded others didn't.
However, my eyes have been opened to the Odyssey hype during the last couple of weeks. A dealer from the Knoxville area(Alcoa)Airport Honda has called me twice to tell me that they can give me a "GREAT" deal on an Odyssey. First of all, let me start by addressing a very misleading newspaper advertisement which they run(or ran). Their ad said "12 available". When you call they might have 1 on the lot. Not sure what the other 11 "available" are.
Anyway, back to my "great" offer. The saleman calls me again to tell me that he has a "great" deal for me. I ask him about this "great" offer. He tells me that I can get a 2001 at MSRP. I ask him why this is so "great". He tells me that I'm getting it at MSRP as opposed to "list price". His list price includes a few things such as the old dealer shafting tool called "pinstriping". I advised him, again, that I had a 2002 ordered at less than MSRP. After I hung up I began to realize that he was only one or two phone calls away from some poor sucker paying over MSRP for a car that is 2-3 weeks from being a model year old. Oh well...

Michael Harris
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