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I have a 2015 EX-L with a power liftgate. There has been a very annoying rattle coming from back there and I finally sat back there while my wife drove and determined it to be coming from the liftgate motor assembly/liftgate raising bar. Definitely not the struts. I confirmed this by manually moving the liftgate raising bar with the hatch open and get the exact noise. I can see that the bar is kind of loose and the plate on the motor assembly is loose too (by looking with a flashlight through the rubber trim opening).

So I need to remove the rear inside trim to get to the motor assembly. There is a Youtube video on accessing the motor (for removal and replacement). It warns about disconnecting the battery due to proximity of the 3rd row side airbag.


1-Can the rear inside trim panel (pretty big) be easily removed? The video show it just being pulled away a little in the back, but I need more room to work. Do I need to also remove to top rear panel (which is where the air bag is)?
2-Is there really an issue with triggering the airbag while working in this area? It has been my experience that the sensors for airbags are attached to the body, not trim pieces. My concern is disconnecting the battery will cause the engine/etc. computers un-learn their settings. I also seem to remember that this may cause the radio to need a code to work again (my memory could be a different car from a different period).
3-Any suggestions for accessing the motor assembly would be appreciated.

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