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Hi folks:

New here! Actually new to a Honda alltogether. Just bought a 2007 Odyssey Ex-L (no RES and No NAV). Since both my other two cars have DRL o those, I wanted to get this odyssey on DRL as well. As you all know the 2007 Ex-L has no DRL. The dealer in Atlanta wanted $500 for installing the DRL. So i figured i could do this myself.

having said all of this, I dont want to do a complete DRL install like relacing the entire assembly liek they do in Canada (i read on some of the forums). My next best option is to use this, which i want to rig so that everytime the car turns on, it would just turn these lights on as well. This is the universal lightning eyes from carid.

LIGHTING Universal Lightning Eyes Headlight Kit - PlasmaGlow PLG-1087X

intsalling the thing is a snap, no problem there. the problem is the wiring and where i tap the wires into. This is where you experts could possibly help me with a solution.

1. My first option, tap it into the headlights - Problem -I have to keep my headlights on all the time to make this work - kind of beats the whole purpose of installing these.
2. Second option they suggest - Tap into the DRL - Problem - 2007 odyssey EX-L does not have DRL - dont know if the wiring for this exists or not?
3. Third - Tap into the Parking lights - Problem - keep parking lights on. again beats the whole point

So here is what i thought i can do, and PLEASE correct me if i am wrong.

1. Install the lightning eyes hardware
2. Install a second VSA switch on the dash ($14 at dealer - part only)
3. run the wire from the Lightning eyes to the switch and use the switch as an ON-Off mechanism.

So now my question is

1. i have seen the little rubber tubing that goes from the engine compartment into the dash console - should i run it throught there or is there another better and easier way to get into the dash from the engine side
2. Electrical wiring diagram - i was thinking of taping into the Ignition wiring or maybe into the an empty fuse slot for hot leads. I looked around and didnt really see a good electrical wiring diagram yet. Anyone can share?
3. Third question - The slots next to the VSA switch (just has a plastic plate on them) are the wired already?
4. Last Q - Does the 2007 EX-L have the wiring installed for the DRL? If so then this would be mush easier right? Maybe some of our canadian friends can answer? Car is US bought (not import)

Please let me know your thoughts on this and if you can think of any better way that i can do this.


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Don't know if there is already wiring for DRL but out of the options you mentioned I would go with running the wires to the fuse box and using a black IGNITION power source so that they turn on only when the key is in the ON position. That way they will always be on when you are driving and off when you are not. You may be able to find an open slot in the engine compartment fuse box, if not then you'll have to run the line inside the van to the intertior fuse box.
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