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how to jump scs with hds

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Hello trying to find out how to " jump the scs with the hds" so I can check evap purge line and circuit. original post:
Have 2006 odyssey with code p0443, doing the trouble shooting in 2005-2006 service manual have no vacuum, but could get it if I power the purge valve with battery directly.

in 18 in manual, it states jump the scs with the hds- if I do not do this can I still disconnect the pcm to check for wire continuity to valve?

I do not have the 33 OHMS as the book states, but I have about 30 at room temp.
Any ideas?
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How can I do the same thing without the honda system? In other words how can I remove the c socket at the ecm and test the line and voltage withour harming the ecm
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