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How is that setup working for you? I'm looking at style 95s as well although I was planning on using 19x9s all around. Do you have any clearance issues due to the difference in offsets? I believe the Ody is somewhere around 35 as opposed to the 24 on the BMW wheels.
Style 95s are aggressive, if you wanna run them i recommend some stretch on the tires and some fender rolling. As for mine, they clear just fine since I'm on air bags. They are low offsets for the Ody but if you like them to stick out a bit, thats up to you. I have 235/35/19 Michelin pilot sports all around. The rear wheels have a nice stretch to them and actually clears the sliding doors. Et35 is an ideal measurement marker for running aftermarket or other oem-plus wheels. I should be starting a thread of my build soon. Good luck.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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