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I was just pointed to this site by Rolhammer, a good friend on another forum. I promptly innernet-slapped him upside the head because he held all this info from me while I was lamenting my problems with the PAX system on the other forum.

Anyhow, my wife and I purchased an '07 Touring back in March with only 32k on the odometer. The primary reason was for the upcoming 4,000 mile roundtrip vacation to Ohio from Texas this last summer, and keeping the two rugrats in the back semi-occupied with the RES while on the road. Of course, this didn't stop the 3-year old from deciding he needed to pee every 45 minutes :rolleyes:

She loves the van. Me, I'm kinda partial to the GMC Sierra out in the driveway ;) but it does get the job done.

Just wanted to drop in and say Hi. For the record, it's an '07 Touring, taffeta white, (I forget the technical term) tan interior. Every available option is on this vehicle - the only things that I can think of that didn't come with the Touring package are the navigation, towing package, and roof racks. There's a couple of extras that I can't recall right now, but I remember figuring out from the '07 literature that there wasn't an option the van didn't have.
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