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I have purchased my 2002 ODY EX-L brand new and has been using this one. It has 196,000 miles and drive great. I would like to keep this van around for few more years. It is great to pick and drop kids to school/college. I need fellow members suggestion.
Worked has been done so far:
1) Timingbelt/water pump at 110,000.
2) Tires are new
3) Brake pads and Rotors are new front and back
4) Just replace High pressure PS line.
5) All fluids has been changed.
6) Fuel pump and Alternator changed recently
7) Struts and shocks are new
8) No rust on vehicle.

Suggestion required.
1) found oil leak from head gasket : while doing this work, what else do i replace to make vehicle running great? I am not getting good mileage on gasoline.
2) I have Engine light code P1456- for Gas evaporator leak related. Leaking Gas if i put more than 12 Gal of Gas.


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The oil leak is probably from the valve cover gasket. If you change it, change the spark plug tube seals too.

Fixing an oil leak will not fix your poor fuel mileage though.

For that, I would change the spark plugs (OEM NGK only) and the two O2 sensors (OEM, or Denso or NTK from RockAuto). The O2 sensors can go flaky after around 150,000 miles, but not be bad enough to throw a code yet. (A scanner that reads fuel trims can also be used to assess the operation of the O2 sensors.)

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