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I am so lucky!

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Proud owner of a used 2000 Honda Odyssey LX with 143,000 miles on it.

Have already completed the multi-flush of the transmission. Used Valvoline high milage to do it. The fluid was pitch black and it appears to me that it had never been done before. This is a two owner car and I had the timing belt and other belts done by the dealer as those had never been done either.

I own a Mercury Sable with "transmission issues" though I've never had any in 153,000 miles. I put a transmission fluid/oil cooler on it and switch to Mobil 1 synthetic transmission fluid on it.

I'm guess the Honda needs the same things? Inline filter, cooler and synthetic fluid? Or is it best at 143,000 to just leave it at the transflush I did and just change out 3.1 quarts every oil change?

Thanks for your responses and nice to meet you all.:)