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I finally have an odyssey

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I've been searching around for an odyssey for some months now and finally got one. Its exactly what I wanted too. She's a white 95 honda odyssey ex. I bought it from Waco Texas member Tefloncandi. He's a great guy, very honest and gave me a great deal on it. I'm just tinkering with it and working out a granny issue. She shifts from 1st to second ok and goes into 3rd a bit rough but wont go into 4th. Gonna try to get a tcm and two shift solenoids for it. Filters are clean so wish me luck. Will post pics sometime next week. She's stored in my second garage staying dry till I get her tagged in my name and running right. Hope to meet some of y'all since there are plenty in the dfw and Texas areas.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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