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Our new '02 GG EX-L arrived on Tues and we picked it up at Napleton's Autowerks, Rockford, IL. Sales experience was pleasant with them in contrast with former purchase attempts of different models. information even got the finance mgr. to bring their extended warranty price down to within $25 of other low prices. I spent yesterday installing some of previous accessory purchases; splashguards, CD changer and half of foglight's install (EX-L wire harness was inadvertantly ommitted by accessory company).

The van is in perfect shape with none of the problems others have found with their new Odyssey. Having owned a '00 EX previously I have noted the following comparisons.


The ride is noticeably smoother and less harsh. It still has Michelin Symmetry's, but they ride a lot smoother than the '00's. Their is, thankfully, less road noise also. I did have them spray on a noise inhibitor beneath the floor pan and they (dealer) say it is supposed to reduce by 30% the road noise. There is a tad bit more body roll observed with the softer suspension. I also am happy that there is less wind noise with our new van.


Love the new leather and its smell. That is the main reason I traded up to a new Ody and I'm glad I did. It gives this great van a touch of elegance.


The Granite Green is even more beautiful when you own it, of course and the Fern leather is very classy.

Engine and transmission

I never had a complaint with the '00's setup and this new engine and transmission is like warm syrup - so smooth. I haven't gotten on it excessively yet, but the engine is noticeably stronger. Gas mileage appears to be about the same as the '00's while watching the odometer and gas guage.


Maybe it is me, but the front seat's lower cushion feels like it is longer. At a minimum it does provide more thigh support. One of the new features I was looking forward to was the lumbar support in the driver's seat. It feels great! And I never imagined that I would like the heated seats, but it does feel pretty good.

Overall I'm glad I made the trade up and am looking forward to many sMiles with this Ody. I just hope I'm not smitten with the future Odyssey restyle due in a year or two. This one has already cost me a promise of a new kitchen floor and a 4 season room.

Mike Lowary

'02 GG EX-L
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Trade my 99' EXL up to 02' EXL-nav too. Never regreted.
I did not notice any larger of the front seats, but the middle row seats are definitely wider.
I checked the Helm manual, the tires of 02' are one size bigger than the previous models even they are the same Michelins, I don't know if that makes the ride smoother.
Congrat on the new purchase, enjoy it and don't think about how good the future Ody will be, just like when you are a newly wed, you do not look at the other sex YET.
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