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I got the best news about my Odyssey today!

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I have a 2006 Odyssey EX with 71,000 miles. I was scared to death the transmission was going out in it. The van was shifting extremely hard into 2nd and shudding under a load up hills. I dropped it off at Honda last night, and they just called me. The transmission is fine, one of the hydraulic motor mounts was broken. I have never been happier about an almost 400 dollar motor mount!
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What a nice first post to share. May this be the worst news you get about your Ody for the next 71000 miles!
DITTO!!!!!!! My 2006 Touring with 64000 miles started having the same problem off idle and typically around 40MPH and between 15-2000 RPM. It really concerned me as I was accelerating onto the interstate and had a bad shake about 60 MPH that has never happened before. Dealer replaced the rear engine mount.
Smooth as butter again and glad I purchased the Honda extended warranty. It has almost payed for itself in one shot.:)
I didn't purchase the extended warranty. I wish I would have now, but considering this is the first actual problem I have had with the Odyssey, no complaints here.
At least you got 71K miles before you had to change the mount. We have a '06 EXL also and we changed ours after 8K. Hopefully that's the only problem that you have.
me too

I just had my ex-l mount changed at 55k, just barely in the 60k warranty! (see dealer comments post). There is a slightly different part number, hopefully the new part is improved? :rolleyes:
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