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I need help!! Do we want UR Pulley's?? X-post

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Okay guys and girls. I have sent an e-mail to the president of Unorthodox Racing to see if they had pulleys that would work with our Odyssey's. Here is the answer:

We can't say if the Accord/CL Ultra SS kit we are working on will fit the 3.5L. We could check if an owner was willing to come in. If it is not the same then we would need 30 pre-orders to start a new model (Ultra S or SS). We would need a subject for measurement and testing. 50% deposit would be charged at time of design completion and 50% on delivery in 5-7 weeks after design completion. Our head or R&D is out of the office until the 27th of Aug. But let us know if you are interested.
Shawn Baumgartner
Unorthodox Racing Inc.

So, if we have anyone willing to drive to their shop and test fit the Accord and Acura pulley's then this might work out. If not then we can still have a batch made if we get 30 people in on this. The main reason I want the pulley is for the increased gas mileage you get. The added power isn't too bad either. I figure we should see the same performance as the Accord and Acura pulleys. Please post if you are interested. David

2001 Tafetta White EX
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How do such mods affect the warranty?

Jerry O.
2001 GG LX
Mods don't affect the warranty at all unless Honda of America can prove that your modification(s) was/were responsible for the malfunction you experience. In other words, the burden of proof is on them. They can't tell you to prove it wasn't because of your mods.
Do you want to go through the "proof" problem. Remember, a dealer can make life miserable for you, even if they do eventually have to fix the vehicle. It can get pretty lonesome at the end of the line! I, personally, do not want to challenge a dealer in a situation like that. A couple of horsepower can't be worth it. My two cents......

Jerry O.
2001 GG LX
Hi Everyone,
I'm late to this topic, but is there still any interest? I'd be willing to come in for a test fitment, although that needs to be arranged at least two weeks in advance since I'm in So. Cal.
I would think that warranty is not a problem, however, the underdrive pulleys might contribute to a reduction in longevity of the engine as they do change the harmonics of the engine.
Bye, Kyle.
Oops, I didn't know that they are in the East-Coast... Looks like I might have to participate sight unseen.

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