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I ran out of gas today!

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After work today my wife asked me to fill up her tank with gas, which I usually do happily so I can drive the Ody. When I saw she took it over 400 miles I said #@&*! A mile down the road I’m coasting into the Enterprise Rent-a-car store to beg for help.

At least I know how many gallons the Ody will have left on empty - half a gallon. So beware, anything close to 19.5 and your walking!

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It is a proven fact, that a vehicle runs just as good with the fuel tank level between half and full, as it does with it's between half and empty!
Why in the world does anybody EVER run out of gas? In 38 years of driving, I have run out of gas once. It was on a new car, and it indicated half tank when I took it on a test drive. It ran out of gas one block from the dealership. The salesman sitting beside me got red in the face and smacked the dash pretty hard and the gauge dropped below 'E'.
Other than that time, I have never run out of gas.
In fact, the only way that I knew that the one on the Junkstar I just sold even worked because Ford had to change the fuel tank due to a recall and when they returned the vehicle to me, the light was on. (I complained that it had at least 10 gallons of fuel when I brought it in and they gave me a fuel ticket for a fill up).
I still don't know if the ones in my 99 Lincoln or my 02 Ody even work and hope they never have to come on, EVER.
This one's a no brainer people. It’s so simple.


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