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I ran out of gas today!

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After work today my wife asked me to fill up her tank with gas, which I usually do happily so I can drive the Ody. When I saw she took it over 400 miles I said #@&*! A mile down the road I’m coasting into the Enterprise Rent-a-car store to beg for help.

At least I know how many gallons the Ody will have left on empty - half a gallon. So beware, anything close to 19.5 and your walking!

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I can vouch for this one. The one and only time (really) I let my tank run out of gas in my Ford Taurus, the fuel pump went within a week or so. It was a real pain. We were actually on a 10 hour trip to Disney with our three year old on a 95 degree day when it went and were stranded (a real bummer). My husband hasn't let me forget about it to this day. I now consider 1/4 of a tank empty and fill it up!
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