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I ran out of gas today!

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After work today my wife asked me to fill up her tank with gas, which I usually do happily so I can drive the Ody. When I saw she took it over 400 miles I said #@&*! A mile down the road I’m coasting into the Enterprise Rent-a-car store to beg for help.

At least I know how many gallons the Ody will have left on empty - half a gallon. So beware, anything close to 19.5 and your walking!

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There's another reason to avoid this as well. Most new cars (I do not know if the Ody is included) have the fuel pump mounted inside the gas tank. The gas acts as a coolant for the pump. Running on empty can cause premature failure of the pump, not to mention premature loss of life if you run out of gas in the wrong part of Miami. :-( .

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