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I'm probably going to replace my head unit w/ an mp3 playing Kenwood or Alpine head unit. Already have the Alpine mp3 unit in another vehicle and it's the best head unit out there in my opinion. Anyway, I want some seat shaking bass in my EX, but I don't want to give up the space behind the third seat. Might as well strap the groceries to the roof in that case. I like the one post where the guy put the bazooka in the back corner w/ the woofer facing the floor. Any other ideas? The Kelton sub doesn't seem worth it at 1st glance, but I may be wrong. What about a 10" bazooka?

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Alpine makes some great stuff, I totally agree. I've had Alpine head units in every vehicle I've owned... but I digress...

In regards to your sub question:
I say forget the Kelton if you go aftermarket. Why?

- SQ: having to use the speaker outs instead of the pre-outs that your aftermarket deck has built in.
- Higher power of aftermarket HU may be mismatch for Kelton's input sensitivity. Absolute level matching of sub vs. speaks is not the main concern; I'd be concerned about clipping the Kelton very easily, thus increasing your chance of blowing that thing.

I recommend aftermarket, and based on my guess, you'll want something that has authority. If you want to fit a bazooka in the back corner, 6.5" is all that will fit in the head rest cubby area without interfering w/ the magic seat operation. Other options to consider since you will go aftermarket head unit:

- 10" or > size bazooka, between front seats. I think someone placed a 10" there (maybe it was 8") without removing the center tray, but obviously it interferes with the tray's foldability....

-Subsolutions bandpass sub fits back in the rear corner, with a little modding. This was mentioned in this forum previously, suppossedly is a nice unit, but have no experience.

- Infinity Basskink, between front seats, or stratgically placed elsewhere.

- JL Micro sub offers decent performance/size ratio.

- Kenwood woox is small, but may not provide the impact you want.

- custom sub enclosure: either under 3rd row seat, as a custom center console sub, in the spare tire well, etc..

It's gonna be a tradeoff on size/ performance, and will also be a matter of your budget and/or fabrication skills for a custom solution.

One last thing to mention: 6x9s in the rear deck, a la Dorhn Hanson (dlh2). A very slim profile IB type driver could go back there too.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

-Shin John
'01 DEP EX, and I'm workin' on it! (slowly)

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