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I want to thank everyone

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I have been visiting this forum as I was looking for a new car and had been test driving the new Odessy. While I liked the car, they were not very good about negotiating at the local dealers. One dealer I visited had "new" Odessy's but they have over 500 miles on them from "test drives"

I was very concerned after reading about all the windows cracking. It seems too odd that that many people had cracked windows.

I was looking at the Odessy, because we have a Honda Pilot which we love and thought the Odessy would be good too, however our local dealers were not very good with negotiations, so we l looked at other models and dealers.

Last week we purchased the New Nissan Quest, and so far I love it. The dealer was very good at negotiating and we got the van out the door for much less than sticker price. They also threw in rebates and 0 interest so it was too good to turn down.

I just wanted to drop by and thank all of you for your input and it helped being able to read the pros and cons.

Wish you all many years of great service from your Odessy's