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We have a 2005 Odyssey, and have had the nagging problem on the passenger sliding door that it has been closing too far (pulling the door in to much) and then backing off, leaving the dreaded beeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp when driving unless we switched the doors off.
Brought it into the dealer...they adjusted the strike plate and worked, I brought it home and a no go....would not close right.
I figured it was just something that that was allowing the door to be pulled in to far, and it was worse off in cold temps. I took a look at the rubber molding on the top of the door, and found the problem. A small part of the molding at the top/rear of the door was pinched in a small bit, and it was allowing the door to be pulled in too much.
I pulled the molding out a bit, and the door closed fine. I am guessing the colder temps allowed the molding to stay pinched, whereas when in the dealers heated shop the molding released somewhat and allowed the door to close properly.
Just figured that I would post this as folks have been very helpful with problems I have had in the past and wanted to return the help. *Mods, wasn't sure to post this in this section or the 2005-2010 section - so feel free to move*
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