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Imagination Movers (for kids and kids at heart)

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We've been watching the IM's for several months now on Disney Channel. My 5 yr-old is crazy about them. OK, us parents like them too :D

What's really cool is they write all their own music (started out as band before TV) and they really span a wide spectrum of music genres, from rock, rap, soul, R&B, funk, Latin and even a bit of dance/techno/electronica. I liken them to a hybrid of The Barenaked Ladies and The Beastie Boys :)

Finally, I can blast out loud my kid's music in the van (windows down) by myself and not feel embarrassed :cool:

YouTube - Imagination Movers Theme (90 second version)

YouTube - Imagination Movers - Farm (90 second version)

YouTube - Imagination Movers - Shakable You

YouTube - Imagination Movers - Seven Days A Week (60-second version)

YouTube - imagination movers please and thank you