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Imploding Rear Side Window - 2000 EX

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I was driving home yesterday afternoon when the driver's side rear vent window imploded all over the inside of the vehicle. Any thoughts on what might have caused it?

I brought it to the dealer right after it happened and they suggested someone fired a BB at it. Given that it was about -25C I have more than a little trouble believing that one. The retired couple driving by are not likely to blame either. I suspect a defective peice of glass.

The dealer couldn't do anything more than cover it with plastic until tomorrow (a big TOYO TIRES bag). I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this happening. I beleive that Honda should cover the replacement cost for this.

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gnuhcw: Which board on Edmunds? I couldn't find your post. You wouldn't have copies of the pictures, etc. that you could post?

We got in touch with the dealer we took it to on Saturday. Their response was that it was our problem, that they see it all the time, Honda would not cover it.

We phoned a second dealer who indicated that they had heard of it happening but that it was very rare. He wants to inspect it and will make a call from there.

After seeing two different dealers, two window glass shops and a body shop the consensus was that the "implosion" was most likely caused by a rock being thrown up by a vehicle adjacent to ours. Honda didn't cover it. The repair was over $500 Cdn.
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