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Imploding Rear Side Window - 2000 EX

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I was driving home yesterday afternoon when the driver's side rear vent window imploded all over the inside of the vehicle. Any thoughts on what might have caused it?

I brought it to the dealer right after it happened and they suggested someone fired a BB at it. Given that it was about -25C I have more than a little trouble believing that one. The retired couple driving by are not likely to blame either. I suspect a defective peice of glass.

The dealer couldn't do anything more than cover it with plastic until tomorrow (a big TOYO TIRES bag). I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this happening. I beleive that Honda should cover the replacement cost for this.

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Could the glass have been chipped or cracked earlier in the day, or on another day, and finally it fractured as you were driving?

If your Ody about 2 years old, is it probable that a defect would have shown up already?

I don't know auto glass, so I'm just wondering.


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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